Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Return to Health....and to The Bachelor

The past few days have flown by and now here I sit on the eve before my holidays are over. They went so fast....I feel like I should have more to show for having close to two weeks off. Oh well, that's what holidays are for right? Since January 1st I have tried to act less like a sloth and attempt to get off my couch, put down the cookies, turn off the tv, and join the real world. I made a few meals from scratch (a big feat for me) and have made it to the gym for the past 3 days in a row. This is the most productive I have been over the entire Christmas holidays.

For my Return to Health kick, I have tried to limit my sugar intake, limit my diet cola drink intake, and eat tonnes of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. As it turns out, when you still have baking left over from The Great Bake Exchange it is very hard not to sneak a baked good here and there. What can I say...I have zero willpower.

I decided to try out one of my new cookbooks on Sunday night. The cookbook is called Double Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I made Jessica's Turkey Meatballs with ground turkey, whole grain crackers, and plenty of different spices. I topped the meatballs off with a sweet and sour sauce I found in my old elementary school cookbook, and served the mixture over whole grain spaghetti.

I LOVED these meatballs. They were so much healthier than the traditional meatballs (which my BF made and I pointed out all of the meatball's unhealthy qualities...he really appreciated it). They were very flavourful, and the sauce had the perfect amount of sweetness. YUM!

I also made a salad with Jessica's home made caesar dressing. The dressing is made with a cauliflower puree base. I was very skeptical of this, but Jessica is known for using purees in her meals, so I rolled with it. There was something not quite right about the dressing...I must have done something wrong. It was thicker than I anticipated, and the taste was a bit off too. I may try making it again someday because I like the idea of non-dairy salad dressing.

We still have plenty of leftover in the fridge, primarily cheesy italien pizza wedges and chinese food. I by-passed those and made half a multi grain bagel veggie sandwich for lunch over the past 2 days. I served the half-bagels with fruit and veggies.

And made a blueberry-blackberry smoothie.

All this healthy eating makes me feel great; however, I am still averaging between 3-5 cookies/baked goods a day. Thank goodness I am getting back into gym-mode.

The other highlight of the past few days was the return of The Bachelor on ABC.

This season, the most controversial season of The Bachelor yet, former bachelor Brad Womack returns after having rejected every woman from his past season 3 years ago. People were up in arms about Brad`s decision not to pick either woman left at the end of the show; however, I respect his decision not to lead either woman on. Get over it world.


Season 15 of the Bachelor should be a fantastic one.

First of all, we get to watch Brad every week for 2 hours.

Personally, I could think of worse things I could spend 2 hours looking at.

Second, my friend and I already have our fav female contenders picked out:

Emily is a southern belle....she has a little girl and she is a widower as her fiancee passed away 6 years ago. We have high hopes for her. First impression is that she is a very sweet woman. This usually changes when there are 30 women vying for the same man, but so far, she is one of our top picks.

Ashley S is a nanny and she received the 1st impression rose from Bachelor Brad last night. Ashley gives off a very genuine, sweet, girl-next-door vibe. We will see if the craziness of the show impacts that.

This is Ashley H. She is a dentist, has lots of energy, and we feel she is age-appropriate for Bachelor Brad.

So those are the top 3.

Of course, my friend and I also picked the top women that we dislike for our Bachelor Brad.

This chick was the first of the thirty women to meet Bachelor Brad. What better way to make a first impression than to slap your potential future partner across the face, saying ``this is for every woman in America``. Good first impression honey.

Michelle is age appropriate, clearly very beautiful, and we have dubbed her as the S$%T disturber. Possibly the second coming of Vienna for you bachelor fans out there. We predict she makes it a long way though.

This is Madison. This poor sweetheart is our least favourite. Girlfriend came on the bachelor wearing fangs.

Enough said.

Monday nights are sure to be 100% more interesting....except that I have night class so I will be watching my beloved show on Tuesday nights. I love reality tv. *sigh*.

Are you doing anything to `return to health` after the holidays...
Did you watch the Bachelor season premiere and if so....who did you pick as your favs so far....


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  1. I pick the southern belle as my favourite :-) I am excited for the new season too. I love reality TV way too much!

    Turkey meatballs are so good - even better than beef ones, and so much healthier.