Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be My Guest

Life has been busy busy busy, and with the start up of work, two university classes, and attempting to go to the gym my blogging has taken a back seat.

Thankfully, I got a reprieve from all of the above when one of my best girlfriends and her adorable kids came for a visit this weekend. It was a wonderful excuse to try some new recipes, have friends and family over, and play with babies. All things that I love.

Last night, I made Jenna's Chicken Parmesan with a twist.

Start with dipping your chicken in eggs/milk, followed by bread crumbs, then whole wheat flour.

Throw it in a fry pan until the chicken is browned on both sides and cooked through.

Throw these in a casserole dish with some marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni on top.  Sounds weird. Looks like this.

Served on whole grain spaghetti with a salad. We didn't like the pepperoni on it, but it was good chicken parmesan.

This morning, we started our morning with classic Green Monsters.

My friend had never tried a green drink so I blended away.

I gathered the ingredients.

Put them in a blender and blend until good and green.

It looks incredibly shady, but tastes delicious.

Served with whole grain toast and almond butter.

Tonight I had friends and family over and cooked for all of them. It has been forever since I had to opportunity to cook for a bunch of people and I loved it.

Supper was vegetarian lasagne.

Served with salad, veggies and jalapeno cheddar bread.

Dessert was chocolate vegan pudding with fresh fruit.

And hot chocolate and Baileys.

Have I mentioned how much I love to eat?!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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  1. GREEN MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! They are wonderful :-)