Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat Day!

Today is one of my favourite days of the year.....HALLOWEEN!!

The stores are filled with excited kids picking out their costumes and adults getting last minute candy for the trick or treaters tonight. There is a noticeable electricity in the air as the anticipation of the evening-to-come builds.

Since I was a kid, Halloween has been a highlight. How could it not be with all of the goodies around. Even as an adult, the chocolate and sugary goodies are something I look forward to.

Every year I buy the same candy....Nestle Favourites. Yum!! I secretly buy extras in the hopes that I can munch on them for a while after the trick or treaters have come and gone.

Rockets on Halloween are a MUST. Tiny little sugary pieces of heaven. A party in my mouth every time.

Another of my favourite Halloween pasttimes is making up individual treat bags for the kids who come to my house. This may sound like a lot of work...but I sadly do not get many trick or treaters on my block.

I have been interested in the Foodie Movement for a while now, but I am much better at reading foodie blogs than actually making the food. It is my hope to dabble in cooking and baking and write about all my failures and hopefully successes.  So when an email came across my desk about a school selling Halloween Cupcake Kits as a fundraiser, I could not resist. The cupcake kit came complete with cake mix, icing, black and orange sprinkles, Halloween themed cupcake liners, and tiny sugary pumpkins.

I have to say, it is the first and last time that I will be buying a cupcake kit. First, there was not enough cake mix for the dozen cupcakes that were promised....perhaps I filled them too full but they came out fairly small in my opinion. Next, there was enough icing to ice about two dozen cupcakes so of course I ended up eating way too much. The cupcakes turned out ok....

...other than the sprinkles not sticking to the icing and ending up all over the floor.

The end product looked like something that a Kindergarten class cooked up but what can I say....I am new at this whole foodie thing! The most important thing is that they tasted delicious!

What kind of Halloween baking do you dabble in....hopefully it turned out better than mine!