Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Brand New Year

A Brand New Year. A Fresh Start. A time for reflecting on the past year, looking ahead to the next year and setting new goals. Well....the first thing I did on New Years Day was go to MacDonald's which is the opposite of any of my New Years goals. Unfortunately, it was closed. So I went next door and had a nice healthy breakfast for my first meal of 2011.

Ok fine, I had the equivalent of a MacDonald's meal at A & W. I decided that New Years Day is not when you start all your resolutions. I gave myself the day to reflect, watch movies, clean up Christmas presents and eat whatever I want. Including two plates of leftover chinese.

I mean really...the most productive thing a lot of people did yesterday was nurse a hangover (no judgement if that's what your new years day consisted of).

Yesterday I got to play with all the toys I got for Christmas. Including this beautiful piece of machinery.

Isn't she beautiful? My new Kitchen Aid Classic Mixer. Onyx Black. 10 Speeds. Flour Power (sorry I couldn't resist).

I was looking for an excuse to bake with my new toy and I decided to make classic peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. It took me a while to figure out the attachments for my new kitchen aid (whom I secretly named Julia after Julia Child....don't tell anyone).

I put on my brand new apron and got to work.

I gathered up all the ingredients I needed and loaded them into my 4.3Litre mixer.

 I was really excited to press the ON button.'s the little things in life that make me happy.

Julia....erm....I mean my new mixer worked beautifully.

I also got to use my new cooke dough dropper,

And my new cooling rack.

All in all....a great day!

I also made my goals for this year. Here is a bit of a recap of my goals from last year.

1.  Run a half marathon. I ran in the Queen City Marathon with a time of 2:22:13.

2.  Apply to grad school. I applied (for the 2nd time) and was accepted! One class done...12 to go!

3. Travel. I went to Arizona, Vancouver, Victoria and Las Vegas this year!

4. Start a blog. Done.

5. Keep better in touch with friends who do not live here. Jill will tell you I need to work on this:)

Other Highlights: Numerous weddings and many little ones were born to friends and family. One of my best friends moved back to MJ where she and her family belong. My parents bought a Lake House where I spent time over the summer and throughout the fall and winter. My BF moved in!

2010 was a great year!

11 Goals for 2011

1. Run another half marathon and set a PR sub 2:22:13.

2. Take a cooking class.

3. Floss (I am terrible with this!)

4. Go on at least 1 trip.

5. Complete between 4-6 classes towards Masters degree.

6. Expand interest in photography!

7. Keep in touch with friends who live outside of Moose Jaw....and here in MJ for that matter!

8. Continue reading for enjoyment.

9. Try meditation to quiet my mind which never shuts off.

10. Go skydiving.

11. Continue blogging a few times per week!

There you have it. We will see how it goes!

I hope 2011 is off to a great start for all of you!


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  1. Would you believe that I also got a kitchen aid classic mixer for Christmas ... and a new apron!!?

    Were we separated at birth?

    The only difference is that my mixer is white.

    If you find a cooking class to take, let me know!! I have been trying to find one for a year with no luck :-(

    Great goals!