Monday, February 24, 2014

The Snoozer Bowl

It's been a difficult past few weeks in my personal life, so to cope I'm turning to blogging and writing about something completely unrelated to anything personal.

So here it goes....a very tardy and probably irrelevant blog post on....The Snoozer Bowl Super Bowl.
Almost a month ago, over 100 million viewers tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVIII where Seattle annihilated Denver 43-8.

In years past, I have tuned in to the Super Bowl with the purpose of watching the few commercials we get in Canada related to the Super Bowl, and more importantly the half time show. This year was no exception. Perhaps the only difference is that the Super Bowl was such a blow out that other viewers who initially tuned in to watch the game joined me in finding the half time show far more entertaining. In fact, some viewers found the Super Bowl so uneventful that they dubbed it "The Snoozer Bowl" and the hashtag #snoozerbowl was born.

In past years, I have gone all out with food for the Super Bowl. See here and here for previous Super Bowl posts. This year, everything we ate came from a box or a plastic container. I didn't make a gosh darn thing. Shame on me.

Our menu consisted of the following:

Honey Garlic Wings

7 layer dip & chips
Garlic Cheese Dip & crackers
Mediterranean hummus & veggies
Peanut M & Ms for dessert

Not that exciting. Still delicious.

Similar to other years, my favourite part of the Super Bowl was the half time show. Here it is if you missed it. I had my doubts that anything could top BeyoncĂ©'s performance last year, but Bruno Mars put on a great show (not BeyoncĂ© caliber, but entertaining nonetheless). Who knew he could dance and drum like that??!! The Red Hot Chili Peppers rocked as per always...they are one of our favourite bands and never disappoint. Both the half time show, specifically Bruno Mars' performance, and the dismal performance of the Broncos birthed internet memes that can be found here. I picked out my favourites, but due to technical difficulties I am not able to post any blog pics. Ahh internet. How I loathe you sometimes.

The Super Bowl commercials were equally entertaining and though most didn't air in Canada, a quick Google search will lead you to them.

My favourites were the Full House reunion, the Seinfeld reunion, and the Budweiser commercials. They played well to my nostalgia.

I can't wait to see who makes into next year's Super Bowl, and who plays the half time show. Hopefully next year's eats will be slightly more scrumptious.