Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slutty Valentines

I know I know.....Weird title for a Valentine's Day Post.

But the other day I discovered the perfect Valentine's dessert via the newsfeed on my Facebook.....who knew Facebook was full of such wonderful culinery delights.

The dessert I found is called Slutty Brownies and trust me when I tell you that they are life changing.

My friend Deb posted the recipe from a blog called The Londoner, and I am officially indebted to her now.

Here's how to make these tiny pieces of heaven.

Line a pan with wax paper.

Grab some ready-made cookie dough (or home made if you feel like you have the time), and press it into the pan.

Add a layer of Oreo Cookies. Yup...you heard me.

The final step is to make brownie batter (I made mine from a box....or homemade) and pour it over the cookie dough and the oreos.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

The result?

The BEST brownies you have EVER had.

The cookie base combined with the ooey-gooey middle is perfection. Perfect in every way.

I plan on making this recipe again and again.

And again.

So do youself a favor and make these soon...and please remember to invite me over. I'm sure somebody needs to do quality control taste testing.

Enjoy these. You can thank me later. And go check out The Londoner.

Happy Love Day Everybody!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

SuperBowl Sunday Calorie Fest

It's that time of year again....SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!

Such an occasion calls for all New Years health-related resolutions to be thrown out the window in lieu of calorie-laden dips, breaded meats, and bread. Oh the bread.

Like last year, we had a few people over to watch the game, and wanted to have some good football eats to munch on while we watched Madonna's Half Time Show the game.

Here's a link to the Half Time Show if you missed it. Madonna rocked my world.

To start off, we munched on honey roasted peanuts and sipped on Strongbow.

First course: Boneless dry ribs with freshly squeezed lemon. Let the calorie intake begin.

Main course: Two kinds of Beaded Shrimp, Lemon Pepper and Dill Fish, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, and homemade Italien Pizza Bread.

And let's not forget....Heart Attack in a Pot

This is the BF's idea of a bowl for dipping in. Oh boy.
Dessert was cupcakes.

Filled with cookie dough.
Heaven help me.

Oh yeah....we made them festive for the occasion.

But it was absolutely delicious.

And well worth the calories.

Now excuse me while I go renew my gym membership.



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Resolutions and a Yoga Re-Cap

This morning, on this fabulous January 8th in Saskatchewan, I got up and went for a run. This weather is insane! I remember this time last year I had to run at an indoor track, or wear so many layers that I faintly resembled a much shorter Michelin man. I hope to take advantage of this mild winter while it lasts, and get outside more before Mother Nature changes her mind.

A few months ago, I set a goal to do 40 days of yoga. It was a pain in the butt at times, but I ended up completing this goal and I felt SO good at the end of the 40 days.

One highlight of this challenge was meeting up with one of my girlfriends in Regina and trying out a yoga studio called Yoga Haven.

At this studio I tried my first hot yoga class. I think I entered class feeling slightly over-confident since I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years. The class was an hour and a half long and I haven't sweat so much since I ran the half marathon in September. The style of class was different than I was used to so it was very challenging. It seemed that most of the other participants were regulars in class and could bend/twist/contort like pros. Meanwhile, I was looking around at the others trying to figure out how the heck they got themselves into those positions in the first place.

It was a great class, a great workout, and I most definately want to try another hot yoga class in the near future. Here is a peek at the studio.

So now that the 40 day challenge is over, I need some new goals for 2012.

Here's how I did on 2011's goals:

1. Run another half marathon. Completed!
2. Take a cooking class. Look here, here and here.
3. Floss (I am terrible with this!). Fail.
4. Go on at least 1 trip. This didn't happen. Refer to #5.
5. Complete between 4-6 classes towards Masters degree. I completed 6 classes in 2011.
6. Expand interest in photography! Fail. Hopefully someday.
7. Keep in touch with friends who live outside of Moose Jaw....and here in MJ for that matter! I still want to work on this!!
8. Continue reading for enjoyment. I read 27 books this year!
9. Try meditation to quiet my mind which never shuts off. Definately failed.
10. Go skydiving. Not yet but I want to oh so badly!
11. Continue blogging a few times per week. Nope....but I do my best!

2012 Goals

1. Complete 4-6 classes towards my Masters degree.
2. Continue reading for fun.
3. Run at least one road race.
4. Workout 3-5 times a week.
5. Drink more water (oh my gosh I HATE water).
6. Go on one trip.
7. Make more BF-friendly recipes (aka: more meat & potatoes kind of dishes; less vegan experiments)

Do any of you make resolutions? I hope I'm not the only Type A personality obsessed with list-making....


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year in Review

Where has the time gone?

The past month has gone by in a virtual blur, and I have been very busy catching up with friends and family, stuffing my face with every festive sugary treat I laid my eyes on, and laying around like a sloth. Productivity over the past month for me meant getting Christmas presents to their rightful recipients, and getting my PVR recordings down to the single digits. It has been glorious to say the least.

Tomorrow morning marks my first day back to work and back to a routine. It's time to get back to the gym, get the treats out of the house, and become a productive member of society in this brand new year.

But first, a look back at some of my favourite things in 2011.


Due to spending most of my free time studying, I did not get to watch nearly as many movies as I wanted to.  That being said, I saw a few good ones this year.

My Fav RomCom was Friends with Benefits

Another fav 2011 Comedy was female-driven, smart, and hilarious. Bridesmaids.

Best 2011 Blockbuster: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2 brought in a whopping $381 million.

We will miss you Harry Potter, what a great end to an epic story.

Best Book to Movie Adaptation: The Help

There were a few 2011 book-to-movie adaptations I didn't get to see that I am hoping to watch soon: One Day, Moneyball, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.


My t.v. viewing was relatively similar to my 2010 tv lineup, with a few exceptions which came along with the fall 2011 lineup. New Girl and Whitney are hysterical, and are perfect to help you wind down after a busy and stressful day. I often find myself laughing obnoxiously late at night while watching these and the BF wonders what in the world I am doing.


I am always a bit embarassed of my musical tastes; however, I like what I like. So take it or leave it, but don't judge:)

Adele ruled the 2011 music world in my opinion. Her singing and songwriting are almost second-to-none, and her talent is truly undeniable.

Lady Gaga released her Born this Way video in May, and with it came such hits as Born this Way, Edge of Glory, Marry the Night and my personal favourite song of 2011 You and I.

Gaga's chameleon-like appearance is so intriguing and entertaining, and her singing and songwriting talents are obvious. Naysayers should check out the duet she did with Tony Bennett. So good and so unexpected.

Other favourite albums of 2011 were Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto and Foo Fighters Wasting Light, along with various Glee soundtrack CDs. But we won't get into that. I also loved Rihanna's We Found Love single, but continue to disagree with the image that she often portrays in her videos. And don't even get me started on Chris Brown's comeback.


Despite taking class, I still found time to read some great books this year.

Recently, I read the much-acclaimed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I haven't seen the movie yet, but the book was a page-turner that was much more graphic than I anticipated. It's a long read (for slow readers like me) but it's worth the time.

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher is a book I mentioned here in the fall, and I continue to feel haunted by it. It's a heavy read, but it is one that truly stays with you even after you turn the last page.

I just finished a great book called The Art of Racing in the Rain - Garth Stein.

This book is a tear-jerker. It's the story of a family told from their dog's perspective. There are rumours that there will be a movie adaptation in the near future with Patrick Dempsey as the lead character.

I read a few good Nicholas Sparks books this year: Safe Haven and The Best of Me. Great summer reads.

Other fav books of the year included:

Still Alice - Lisa Genova
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime - Marc Harmon
Sisterhood Everlasting - Anne Brashares
SilverGirl - Elin Hilderbrand
The Winter Garden - Kristin Hannah

I have many movies/tv shows/music/books that I hope to check out in 2012! Hunger Games anyone??

I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy New Year!