Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Musings from a Sick Bed

It has hit me. The dreaded flu. I had been hearing of it from others but thought I was immune to it, having been pre-disposed to most germs through my place of work.

I feel like a hockey player who is skating along the ice just trying to get where he is supposed to go when out of nowhere a 250lb guy comes out of nowhere and body slams the hockey player into the boards, leaving the hockey player laying on the ice in fetal position wondering what the hell just happened.  Well, I am that hockey player except instead of a 250lb jock, it is a virus that has body slammed me into fetal position on my bed.

I am trying to stay positive, so here are some reasons that being sick can be a good thing.

1. You can catch up on your (bad) tv. Mine consisted of one part talk shows, one part reruns, and a few parts cartoons (in case you are wondering...Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3, and Despicable Me are really good movies). Positive.

2. You do not feel bad about missing a few days at the gym. Yesterday, while my BF was doing his crazy and intense P90X workout, I was excited to make it from the couch to the bed. Not only was I excited, I felt pretty good about myself. Positive.

3. You are forced to be on a liquid diet. There are people in this world who pay money to go on liquid diets to lose weight or detox, etc. and I was forced to be on one! Positive.

4. It is not procrastination when you are laying in bed instead of doing homework, cleaning, or working. It is taking care of yourself. Positive.

5. When it is -20 degrees and lower you can stay inside and laugh at the people all bundled up. Positive.

6. Naps during the day are not only acceptable they are encouraged. Positive.

7. You get to cuddle with your spoiled, self centered cats all day. When they feel like it. Positive.

8. Your boyfriend makes you soup, tea, and braves the weather to get you Gatorade. Positive.

9. You get a lot of alone time, because lets face it, no one wants to be around someone who has the flu. Positive (sort of).

10. You can stay in your pajamas all day and no one judges you. In fact, hypothetically you can stay in the same pajamas for two days and no one judges you. Hypothetically. And Positive.

Yes, if you think long and hard there are some positives to being sick. But now I have been sitting upright for far too long. Bed time.

Stay Healthy!


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  1. This was funny, and cute :-)

    You didn't miss much tonight ... I wish I wouldn't have went. We were done very early, and had no "class", just the library orientation thing. I will send you an email about it.

    I hope you are feeling a bit better! Stay home until you feel 100%! Don't feel bad about it either - let yourself fully recover!