Thursday, January 27, 2011

M is for Murder


I am fortunate enough to be part of a book club every month. A group of 5-8 women all convene together from our respective cities once a month (or two) for good food, great wine, and (oh yeah) a book discussion! To be completely honest, our book club is typically 30% book discussion, 30% consuming delicious food and beverages, and 40% discussing (gossiping) about topics completely unrelated to the book. It is a true highlight of my entire month. 

The ladies and I take turns hosting, and January was my month.  This meant that not only did I get to play hostess, which I love, but I also got to choose this month's book. We had read a plethora of chick-lit style books in recent months, so I decided to mix things up a bit and choose a murder mystery novel.

The book was very unique as the protagonist was an 11 year old little girl with a love for chemistry, bothering her sisters, and solving mysteries.  For approximately the first 100 pages I had to read with a dictionary beside me because the words were so complicated and obscure.  This came as unexpected to me since I was reading about an 11 year old....and I was unable to comprehend what the heck she was saying at times. Some of the other women felt the same way which was reassuring. We always end book club with a discussion about what we rated the book on a scale of 1-10. I believe the average was about 6.5/10 for this particular book. We agreed that overall it was a good book but that because of the difficult start we couldn't justify any higher than that.

To go along with our murder mystery book, I hosted a murder mystery night.

We played An Evening of Murder: A Feast to Die For.
Each member of our book club was sent an invitation with the murder scene, the synopsis, and the character they were to play. Everyone came in costume and stayed in character while we played the game and discovered who the murderer was among was so much fun!

Of course, no book club would be complete without food, and since it was a Feast to Die For theme, we had a full supper meal together and each of us contributed a dish.

The Menu included:

Angst-filled Appetizers - Deviled Eggs, Surprise Dip, Raw Veggies, and Hummus Dip

A Sinister Salad

Bloody Bread

Lawless (Vegetarian) Lasagne

Deadly Dessert:

NOT PICTURED. The dessert was eaten so fast I didn't end up getting a picture. However, I made these cookies which we ate along with the Oreo Cookie dessert. It was seriously deadly.

Corpse Cookies (Recipe Coming Soon)

It was a devilishly delicious evening of murder.

We are taking a book club break in February as one of our beautiful ladies is getting married next month.

Book Club in March will feature this book:



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  1. I have never done a murder mystery, but I totally want to one day!!!