Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Ode to Summer

Somewhere between work and school begining, fall appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

I LOVE fall. The slightly less hot weather, the changing leaves, and of course the chic boots and coats. Fall feels like my new year as both school and work start fresh. I also love summer, and when summer comes to an end I feel a certain amount of sadness. So to honour the fabulousness that was summer 2011, I will discuss all my summer favs this year.


This summer I refused to read anything not labelled as either "chick lit" or "beach read".

Silver Girl is by one of my new favourite chick lit authors. This book is her latest release and it did not disappoint.

Marh Kay Andrews is an author I had never heard of before. This is her latest release and it had all the ingredients for a perfect summer beach read.


I know I should not admit this, but I love television. Most people stop watching their shows when season finale time comes in April. Not this girl. I can always find a show to watch. This summer these were always on my PVR.

Big Brother

My summer staple. Nothing says summer like Big Brother. I loyally watch all three hour-long episodes each week with the BF. When Big Brother ended on Wednesday, I felt like summer had come to an end. Until next July Big Brother.

Rookie Blue

This is Rookie Blues second season and my first time watching it. The acting sometimes leaves something to be desired but it was still a guilty pleasure.


This was such a great reality show!!! I will definately be tuning in to this again!


I did not get to see nearly the amount of movies I was hoping to this year, but the few I did get to were fantastic.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The world waited with baited breath for this final installment in the 7 part epic series. I laughed, I cried....I will miss you Harry.

The Change Up

This highly inappropriate comedy should not have made me laugh because of how inappropriately vile and vulgar it was. However, I cackled obnoxiously  laughed a lot despite how inappropriate I thought it was.

Friends with Benefits

 Best Rom Com I saw all summer.

The Help

The BEST movie I have seen all summer. Maybe even all year. Go see it.


Swimsuit....check. Fancy wedding attire......check. Cute summer footwear....check.

Adorable handmade jewelry by a fabulous, chic, smart, and intelligent woman....check.

My friend Chelsi makes the most original vintage jewelry around. Check her out on Facebook:


Summer food rocks my world.

Summer salads, BBQ and copious amounts of wine seasonal fruit. Summer eating is second only to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.

Cheers to you summer, and now we can welcome fall with open arms.