Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Treat Remorse

It is only a few days after Halloween, and I seem to be suffering from a little thing called Halloween Treat Remorse (HRT). I suffer from this every year and I have fallen victim once again this year. HRT typically happens when a person buys too much candy and gets very small numbers of trick or treaters. This is what happened to me. Last year I got about 28 trick or treaters so in preparation I bought a box of 100 chocolate bars and some Rockets. Then, I thought maybe the weather would bring out more trick or treaters this year so I bought one more bag of 60 chocolate bars just in case. We ended up with a grand total of 28 kids. Needless to say, we had enough treats for the kids and because I have no willpower I seem to be eating a LOT of leftover candy. Hence the Halloween Treat Remorse. So, to try to rectify my HRT I attempted to do some healthy things for myself for one day.

Last night one of my girlfriends and I went to a Karma yoga class. My yoga studio, Body in Mind Yoga Studio ( offers these every couple months, and they are AWESOME.  You can bring friends and family, and the class fee is a small donation that goes to a different charity each month.

This month all proceeds from Karma yoga go to the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of Canada.. It was the first time that my friend ever attended a yoga class and we had a blast!

Instead of snacking on chocolates everytime I need a snack, I tried a few new healthier options in the past few days. My new addiction is to home made parfaits. I love love love these and they are so simple to put together. The parfait I made was a raspberry one. Here are the ingredients I used:

I put one cup of Source Vanilla Yogourt, half a cup of raspberries, and a handful of granola (which I picked up at the Bulk was my first time there and I loved it....yes I have a very exciting life).

YUM! Such a good snack and a nice break from mini chocolate bars.

Also on my health kick day, I made my first smoothie! Here are the ingredients I used:

This is such an easy snack to make. I used one cup of fruit, half a cup of So Good Vanilla Soy Milk, and Source Vanilla Yogourt (my fav!). The little dish is filled with hemp seeds. I know I know, they are some sketchy sounding seeds. However, they are filled with amino acids and fatty acids that our bodies are unable to make. I found these at Bulk Barn too.

Put these in a blender and VOILA!

A delicious smoothy. In a wine glass. Because everything tastes better in a wine glass. My first attempt at making a smoothie went well aside from the occasional frozen fruit that I kept eating. Thanks crappy blender.

So that is the tale of my healthy day. I think my case of HTR is almost cured. Just in time to eat more chocolate:)


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  1. That source vanilla yogurt is my FAVOURITE yogurt. You should try it with peanut butter stirred in - it sounds gross, but it is totally awesome!