Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Vegan Diaries - Pt.3

The Final Chapter

I have been in hiding.

Literally, I have been hiding away in my office for the past month working on the 2 Masters classes I took this semester. The past month has been exhausting in every sense of the word, and the idea of spring was getting me through until Mother nature decided to be a self-righteous b&%*ch.

Once again, my lawn furniture took the brunt of it.

What can you do. When life give you grab your camera and take pictures of them.

Ok enough photo album time.

So my Vegan experiment is obviously long over, but I thought I would finish off the chapter.

The final few days were easier than the first few. Once I got used to planning meals ahead of time (an unusual concept for me) it was fairly easy to stick with a vegan diet.

I ate a lot of tortilla pizzas, and found vegan tortillas at the local health food store.

I also ate a lot of home made vegan guacamole.

Then I paired the pizza and guacamole together as a meal. And I was very happy.

The tortillas also worked great for veggie hummus wraps.

My local health food store had lots of little goodies that made my week easier.

Here is a little gem I found.

I made a vegan pasta with Marinara sauce, veggies, basil and walnuts and it was delicious.

For lunches I became addicted to Vegan Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

For these you will need:

Vegan bread (I used Ezekiel)
Vegan cheese (I used Veggie Cheese from SafeWay)
Half an avocado
Two slices of tomato
Small handfull spinach
Vegan butter (I used Earth Balance)

Butter your bread and place one piece of bread on a heated skillet. Cover your bread with the vegan cheese of your choice.

Place your veggies on the cheese while it melts, then spread the avocado on your other slice of bread and put it all together, still on the skillet. Grill to perfection.

I am seriously battling a serious addiction to these. The crappy picture does not do it justice.

This little concoction is also delicious on a bagel.

To curb my ice cream cravings, I ate a lot of  Organic Coconut Bliss Bars.

I found them at my local health food store. They come in two flavours (Coconut and Dark Chocolate), and as soon I bit into one my second vegan addiction was born.

There are worse things to be addicted to than vegan grilled cheese sandwiches and coconut bliss bars. Right? No? Moving on....

So my adventure in veganism was overall a success. With only a few cheats (one at the beginning, and then I ended my veganism half a day early to go out for supper) I stayed almost 100% on the diet.

One week after I finished, I decided to try 10 days of complete veganism. I ate a 100% vegan diet for all 10 days and I felt amazing. In all seriousness....I have never felt better. As a person with stomach issues, I had zero issues for the entire 10 days. I felt so healthy, I never felt deprived, and my body truly thanked me.

Although I have had my fair share of non-vegan foods since then, I discovered some great dishes that I have thrown into my breakfast/lunch/supper/dessert rotations.

Let me know if you have ever tried a vegan diet! Any good recipes to share?


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  1. I am totally going to try that grilled cheese sandwich!

    The best thing I ate during my vegan for a week challenge was Angela's vegan Alfredo pasta. I crave it all the time still, and have probably made it 3 times since then! Yummmmm!