Friday, February 25, 2011

The Vegan Diaries - Pt.1

Day 1-3

After watching the Vegan episode of Oprah a few weeks ago, I felt inspired to try to challenge myself.

One week of eating strictly a vegan diet.

Oprah's website had great ideas, as did a few of the blogs that I follow. My friend from Everyday Foodie tried it just over a week ago and had lots of neat ideas. I figured I knew enough to eat a healthy vegan diet for a week, plus I am on holidays so it is a great time to try a new diet challenge.

I started this challenge on Sunday at noon. I feel I need to mention that my 'last' non-vegan meal was a 6 piece chicken nugget meal from MacDonald's. It was so so good.

Day 1 was  fairly easy as I had an early lunch and wasn't hungry until supper. For my first vegan meal I invited a friend over and made Tortilla Pizzas, a recipe I made in my cooking class. I used vegan wraps, soy cheese, and plenty of veggies. I also made Sweet Potato Fries, which I learned in my 3rd cooking class.

I had an ice cream craving after, but I munched on grapes instead and curbed that craving.

Day 1 was easy.

Day 2 was way harder.

I made Angela's Apple Pie Oatmea for brunchl. It was delicious and it made enough for breakfast on Day 3 too.

Lunch on Day 2 was leftover Tortilla Pizza.

Supper was....not vegan. We had supper at the BFs family's house and I could not resist the yummy home made pizza his mom made. So I took one meal off. I plan on being vegan for 1 meal more now to make up for it.

Day 3 I was back on track.

A Green Monster for breakfast.

Supper was at my folks, and I made them a Mexican meal. Mine was vegan, and theirs was vegetarian (they got to have cheese).

 I made enchiladas, brown and wild rice, and home-made guacamole and chips.

The first 3 days of my vegan diet have been really hard. Some people find it easy, but staying away from cheese and ice cream has been really hard to me, and 3 days into this diet those food items have been on my mind. A lot.

I have many days left.

I have no clue how I will make it without cheating.




  1. I saw this Oprah episode and wanted to try the vegan challenge too! I'm glad to see that you're trying it! I would have a really hard time with no eggs because I have usually one a day. When I had to go off of dairy last year because I thought that I was allergic to it, I had to have soy cheese and 'veggie cheese'. It was actually much better than I had thought, especially the jalepeno cheddar. Good luck with the rest of the week!

  2. How was the soy cheese? I was scared to try it because I hate soy milk ...

  3. The soy cheese was not bad actually and I am not a big soy fan either. I believe the cheese I got was called "veggie cheese" from SafeWay.