Sunday, November 20, 2011

Challenge Remorse

Today is Day 15 of my yoga challenge and I just have one question:

What was I THINKING?!

Trying to do a 40 day yoga challenge at the end of my school semester and the start of the Christmas season was not the brightest decision I have ever made.

At any rate, it's Day 15 and I haven't missed a day of yoga yet. This has meant a few late nights when the BF comes into the room after midnight and wonders what I'm doing with the yoga mat out. He may think I'm starting to go a little bit crazy. Did I say starting? I meant continuing in a regular fashion.

I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to attend a class at one of the local yoga studios, Body in Mind Yoga Studio. The studio is beautiful and lends perfectly to a relaxing, zen-filled yoga experience. From the attention to detail in the decor, to the yoga lounge, to the wonderful classes, and of course the fabulous instructors, Body in Mind Yoga Studio is a great place to practice yoga.

Body in Mind offers a plethora of classes at various times of the day to best suit your schedule. They also have yoga props, prayer malas, and more for sale right in the studio. If you don't know what a prayer mala is, click here.

I always leave a session at Body in Mind feeling like my most fabulous self. I bought a pass so hopefully I can get there again soon!!

As hard as it has been to incorporate yoga into my every day life, I feel great after I finish my yoga practice, and I am crediting this challenge to the very small amount of sanity that I am keeping as the last two weeks of my semester commence.

25 days of yoga challenge left!


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  1. Great job with the yoga! I have never tried yoga before - not once! Crazy hey?