Monday, August 8, 2011

Tis the Season of Bridal Showers - Take 2

I get the distinct honour of being a bridesmaid this fall for one of my best friends. As a bridesmaid, I also have the honour of helping to host a bridal shower, which is exactly what I did a few weeks ago. The Maid of Honour and I hosted the shower at my parent's lake house and we had the most perfect day!

Keeping with the theme of the wedding, the decorations were primarily orange, and we added some yellow in for some summer fun.

We kept decorations simple.

The food was amazing. We asked people to bring certain dishes and they outdid themselves.

Our good friend was in charge of bringing a cake, and she did an AMAZING job!!

Inspired by Jolene and Bakerella, I attempted to make Cake Pops for this occasion. Not only did I lose all the photos of my attempts at Cake Pop making, but my Cake Pops were a flop and turned into Cake Balls instead. They still turned out ok, and tasted delicious if I do say so myself.

With the left over Cake Pops, I made treat bags for all of the guests, complete with the candy decorations that were used in the martini glasses. I lost those pics too. So you just have to trust that they looked quite cute.

Speaking of cute, here is the beautiful bride!

And her proud attendants (minus her sister who lives in Alberta....missed you Doe!)

It was such a fabulous afternoon.....thanks to those who travelled out to the Lake House for the afternoon!!


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  1. Your cake balls look awesome, and that cake is super cool :-)

    I love showers.